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What rights do Americans have?

Our government is still concerned that America may wake up and fight back. That makes taking guns from law-abiding citizens with a constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms and protect themselves against tyranny (the government gone astray).

English: Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (1...

English: Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (1731 – 1802), wife of George Washington and first First Lady of the United States of America. Image housed in the Hulton Archive. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you heard the commercial about Maine having the second highest level of guns and are second lowest on gun accidents and mortalities?Which basically says taking their guns are not protecting American lives, because those committing crimes, do not own a legal weapon. So the reason for removing those weapons are to protect themselves as the finish implementing Marshall Law in the United States of America. The Home of the used to be free and used to be brave.

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We are going to lose all our freedoms real soon unless something is done to stop our runaway government.

Our forefathers set this government up (United States of America) because they were being treated like we are being treated today. And it is only heading even further downhill from here. This will not stop until the American people end it.

These last two Presidents have really extended our budget and allowed Wall street to rip us off. Then with the Federal Reserve stealing America’s freedom with collecting 40$ for every one spent on America’s people or her infrastructure, makes you realize why there seems to be no money for the betterment of United States.

The second government really has taken over and has no designs on relinquishing the controls without a massive fight. I have recently heard Some Senators waking up and I hope the trend continues. It could just be a farce so I am not holding my breath expecting anything real, not just yet. I need to see more first.

The Black Pope. Third Jewish Temple. Great Tribulation

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