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Bilderberg and the World’s Fresh Water Supply. Who is becoming the next world power?

Jim Tucker is a veteran Journalist of over 50 years. He came from the era where journalist did more than sit around waiting for the press to be summoned by the White House for a Propaganda briefing so they had something to write about. Jim Tucker is the real Journalist we need in today’s fast paced ever open, ever highly secretive society we live in.

Jim Tucker is a highly credible source when it comes to the Bilderbergs. Jim Tucker just passed away at age 78. For decades he has been keeping tabs on the Bilderbergs. The main take over of the world is really being accomplished by owning the natural resources, bribing political leaders world-wide and then using the military to enforce there will.

What will you do when they (Bilderbergs) have sucked America’s fresh water from our Aquifers and Lakes? That is except pay exorbitant prices or die!As it is today, THE BOTTLED WATER IS CURRENTLY PURCHASED FOR UNDER ONE PENNY PER GALLON AND TYPICALLY SOLD FOR OVER $4.00 PER GALLON. Just a little profit. So what is happening with the United States Fresh Water supply?

MUST see! BANNED – Jesse Ventura : Great Lakes [Full video]

As you can see from that video, this is a serious matter. We have been neutered and are going down without a fight or  barely even a squabble.This is how they take over the world!

What do you do when corrupt politicians, corrupt people and their Global International Corporations own and control everything? Do you pray population control comes quickly (“a main stay with the New World Order is global population control. Between 500.000.000 to a billion people is considered maximum or an ideal level for population count”). That means, seven people in a room, one comes out alive while the other six give (donate) their lives for the New World Order. Think about it. Are you the one, or one of the six?

The United States of America has been betrayed and is getting smacked down hard.http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/global500/2012/maps/top50.html?iid=smlrr

Have a look at where the top fifty Corporations are located. China is only 59 corporations behind the USA IN THE TOP 500 CORPORATIONS. China is growing fast while America is loosing ground to everyone. Think about it. If our Fresh water is disappearing that quickly, and China’s is filling with it, The decision to switch roles with china and the USA has long been made and the hostile moves between China and the USA ARE NOT REALLY MEANINGFUL! CHINESE OFFICIALS HAVE TO KNOW THEY ARE POISED TO BE THE NEXT WORLD POWER. WW III Is not nation against nation but is being fought against the people, you and me!

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