The Black Pope, Zionist Israel, Illuminati…

Is it really News?

The World looks at The United States as sheep being led to the slaughter factory as we have no idea of the real news happening around the world. Americans know what is going on in Hollywood but not in Ireland. They know what Hollywood Star is being covered in the news but not that Al Qaeda was created by the American government. We support them and then supposedly fight them and now we support them again. We Americans have no real news being corresponded by our news media. Most Americans have no real idea what our government has done to other nations around the world. There is no time for that type of news when the important things from Hollywood must be discussed.

Is It Really News?

The United States government has undermined peace around the globe so our corporations can do in other countries what we don’t want them doing in ours. Destroying lives for the

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart (Photo credit: Sony200boy)

almighty buck. But lets face it, our country is also being ruined at the same time. Look at our political mess here. Billions of dollars being given to our corporations who already are making more profit than ever while we are trained through our media that it is the money we give mom to stay home with her child that is bankrupting us. Social Security that you pay for has to be stopped because there just isn’t money for that. You paid for it, so where is the money? Ask your legislator why our Social Security money is being given to Exxon Mobile instead of to the American people it is supposed to be going to!

The lies and mis-information being fed Americans have further divided a great nation so the banking cartel, wall street and the largest corporations can continue to ruin the lives of Americans and that of those in third world countries where we have illegally gained a foothold.

When a country opposes allowing our corporations taking over their resources, we have their government overthrown and put in people who will be favorable to us. Then we leave economic disasters in those countries when we are done with them. This has happened many times. if those countries complain, we declare them horrible, and we sanction them or help overthrow their governments and if they let us in we take their resources and support them while we need to then we move on and in more cases than not, those countries are not better off for it. We basically steal the wealth of African nations and those of South America, and they are still third world countries. If they want to really better themselves like Libya, was overthrow their government and Americans are told how brutal their leaders are. And Americans believe every inch of what they are told.

We need to be questioning our media about the stories it runs as important and why it never questions the propaganda our government shells out. We are sheep being led to the slaughter. i hope your thursday night programming is worth it?!



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