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Cancer Cures being held from us. Why?

Big Pharma controls the FDA who makes it impossible for real cures to come to market. You are required to use these drugs and chemo therapy which in large part does not cure but

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causes additional harm to the body while the real possible cures are withheld. If the cure were on the market, there wouldn’t be a big Pharma any longer and that money wouldn’t be going into someone’s pocket for providing those infective treatments we are forced to rely on. Big Pharma needs you dependant on them to stay in business. Your health is secondary to their profits.

Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business – Part 2

Antineoplaston is a revolutionary drug and a way of treating patients as individuals. We all have a different set of genes and so it only makes sense that the one size fits all our medical professionals push on us isn’t going to work the same for everyone. That is why a drug good for you may kill me and the guy down the road will have some other bad side effect. Big Pharma pays the FDA to keep it that way. They also pay people to frighten and manipulate people who look outside of the conventional treatments, for cures, and not accept their,” many times worthless drugs and prescribed treatment courses”.

Business as usual many times is a death sentence. We need real change in the FDA and all those with ties to big Pharma need to be fired and this should never again be allowed to occur. Put the fox in with the hens and what happens? You need more hens right?

While the pharmaceutical companies many times can place a new drug on the market while only in phase 2 trial studies, anything that really has a chance may not even be accepted for phase 3 trials even though evidence suggests it is far better than anything else available. Big pharma drugs kill and maim thousands every year and they just pay off the lawsuits and keep using those same drugs knowing that many more will die. Oh Well!

The better way obviously is to treat each person individually and not a one drug or treatment fits all. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!

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