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Big Pharma and the FDA Collude to keep Cures off the Market and away from you

An article Posted September 2012 by Business Insider details how Prescription Drugs Now Kill More People In The US Than Heroin And Cocaine Combined. Thank You to Big Pharma

Tales of Big Pharma Horror

Tales of Big Pharma Horror (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

and Thank You to the FDA. DRUGS THAT CAN REALLY CURE ARE BEING KEPT OFF THE MARKET WHILE WE ARE FORCED TO ACCEPT, LESSER ABILITY FOR CURE DRUGS, while drugs that are proven to maim and kill thousands are being forced down our throats.

These drugs that are marketed as one size fits all is a farce. Everyone of us is different and so there is no one size fits all. Your DNA is different and unique to you and the medications you need will differ than what I would need even for the same disease. Big Pharma knows that every one of their drugs will kill someone every year and cause  harmful side affects to others. Just read the warning label on any drug. All those listed side affects will hit someone whose DNA is not right for that drug at that dose. On top of that the effectiveness of that drug will vary on every person. Some may need more or less or multiple drugs to cure something someone else may be fine with on the initial drugs prescription. I know the smart people at Big Pharma know this. Heck, if I can figure that out, I know they know!

And the MD’s who prescribe treatments or these medications they know may not be effective or cause more harm, are either complicit or they have no choice. Either way it is wrong! This story about the FDA not being able to decide multiple drug treatment for a particular cure based on your DNA is false. That a cure has to come from one particular drug at a set amount instead of possibly several drugs at differing amounts could easily be in place if Big Pharma would quit squashing all the competition. With its support to FDA, they own and run that administration. Medical facilities that would run the testing won’t do it because then they will lose their trials when Big Pharma moves it to a facility that refuses that new way of trials.

Big Pharma on Campus

Big Pharma on Campus (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

There are different phases of trial testing which is supposed to take place to decide if drugs are safe for treatment. Big Pharma has many drugs allowed for treatment after on Phase two trials. Never even going to Phase three trials. There are many promising cures that can’t get phase three testing because the facilities where testing could be done are to afraid of loosing their funding from Big Pharma. And when reputable facilities from other countries do the trials and then the Phase four write-ups are submitted, those are just not accepted. So long as the FDA is in cahoots with Big Pharma, we will never have the best medications for diseases that will continue to inflict citizens of the United States.


There are brilliant men and women around this planet who are coming up with cures to diseases that the FDA is not allowing in the United States and this is and will definitely have an impact as more and more Americans go abroad for their medical treatments. And brilliant MD’s, PhD’s and Scientists take their knowledge to other countries where they are actually searching for cures and not keeping their populace constantly sick and coming back for more. The best drugs now are the ones you have to take forever, right? Ask Big Pharma for their answer.

Their claims for cost to bring a drug to market is ridiculous. If they didn’t have to settle so many claims because the harm their drugs were causing, that alone would drop their costs. Settlements and Attorneys fees and all the payoffs to keep markets shut down etc. Sure it costs a lot when you are not seeking the cure but a dependency on your product instead. Things have to change and it should start with a separation of  Big Pharma from the FDA. THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.


A New Wave of Scientists

Today, medical science is starting with knowledge passed along and these scientists will find answers whether here in the United States or elsewhere around the world. If clinical trials are suppressed here, they will be done elsewhere. And while the FDA continues to say those treatments and drugs are ineffective, the stories of triumph will make it here and US citizens will in ever-increasing numbers find their way to where the treatment may actually work. When your doctor here says you have no chance, you go to where they say and you have heard reports of survivors. Screw the FDA. When Taiwan or Mexico or some other country gives you hope, that’s where you will be. When South Korea does a phase four write-up that is not accepted by the FDA, you will be in South Korea for treatment when your life is on the line. Stay here and die or go there with hope for a future? I wonder?

Just Like Tobacco


Ritalin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And then you have these people and their websites who are paid by Big Pharma who do everything possible to prevent you from going to or using drug treatments that don’t follow their guidelines just like the doctors who used to say cigarettes cause no harm. The paid liars. Those who are paid to confuse and distort any thing possible to keep their employer in business so they can keep collecting their blood filled checks. I heard many a doctor as I was growing up lying through his teeth about cigarettes and of course, the whole time the cigarette companies already knew the harm they were causing and just kept on lying. Then they paid some money and they continue killing people today. Big Pharma is no different with their paid for spokes person scaring us away from the truth. They pay their money for killing people every year and they just keep on keeping on. The growth of the industry is huge and so are the deaths as they now kill more people than car accidents kill or Heroin and Cocaine combined kill. And just like tobacco, there is no end in sight.

We are killing ourselves at alarming rates with all these pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed to us. Many of which you have to take daily for life. How about lets fix the problem and forget the lifetime of drugs that get prescribed to even young children. The sooner they are medication dependant the better off Big Pharma is. Not you and your child who become addicted to their drugs. Cures don’t pay and that is all this is about.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



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