The Black Pope, Zionist Israel, Illuminati…


Lies by the American Government and news outlets like fox news have the ire of a group calling itself Anonymous. This group of hackers around the globe seem intent on protecting

English: Anonymous Español: Anonymous

English: Anonymous Español: Anonymous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

America from the PEOPLE who have taken over and stand in leadership positions. Exposing these liars seem to be the goal of Anonymous and the ORGANIZATIONS in charge are trying to capture these hackers before more of their illicit plots against Americans can be carried out. It is time to say goodbye to the paid for crumbs running our country.

We the people are waking up to what has gone on and the myriad of lies being sold to the American public. We are not going to continue in silence if this farce calling itself the American government continues on this course of destruction.

We need to end all this war hysteria before we are sorry for what happens. Hasn’t enough innocent blood been shed already? Why allow a few elitist to control you and make you blood thirsty for another war which doesn’t serve America’s interests or make us safer.every one of these wars we involve ourselves in only serves to create enemies we never had, and now do. Basically, 100,000 – 150,000 people will completely run this planet while everyone else will be serving their masters. Are you one of those slated to rule? If you are, you already know it. If you are not, get yourself ready to serve openly and acknowledge your masters or face detention.

you will not be in charge of your own life, your families or of anything you will be permitted to do. Not even determining your own family size. Two kids, three kids, five kids, doesn’t matter, it won’t be your choice or decision. That will be made for you.


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