The Black Pope, Zionist Israel, Illuminati…


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When Judah Was conquered By Babylon,Only a few thousand were actually taken away to Babylon where they ate from the kings table and became engrossed in the religion and other matters as mystics in that day, foretelling the future or the Kings dreams, was an art not of a Christian nature. As divination and such practices are actually not viewed in a positive way by our God. God did use this as an opportune time to show his might, giving the answer to the Kings dream.

When after seventy years these people returned to Judah, how indoctrinated in the Babylonian ways were they. Maybe enough so the it was continued up into todays Zionist radical Jews. All jewish people are not that radical

Christianity and Judaism hed existed hundreds of years before Jesus and still the Pharisees and Sadducees did not recognize Jesus as their savior. The christians among them were the believers. How much Babylonian Religion is driving todays Zionist Jews?



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